The small conferences : an innovation in communication
Mead Margaret & Byers Paul
The Who, What and Why of discussion is the essence of this sharp observation by two remarkable researchers. Margaret Mead in the first part discusses the conference form as it has emerged during the last thirty years. From her own experience she drew the materials on which this discussion is based, often being a member of the planning group, always a systematic observer and recorder. Paul Byers gives in the second part of this book a photographic presentation of three types of conferences, and a verbal analysis based upon these recording. Both authors hope that theses photographic sequensis will communicate the peculiar nature of the conference process, and also stimulate comparible studies in other countries. This book, however, is the work of two Americans. They believe that the explicit recognition of the culture of the observers should make it easier for members of other cultures to use this presentation.
  • Parution : 1968
  • Pages : 126 p.
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